Filum red flower

Beautiful notebook produced in a traditional way by the monks of the Royal Abbay of Poblet.

Two sizes: Medium: 12,5 cm x 17,5 cm. Large: 15 x 21,5 cm.

60 sheets / 120 pages. 80 gram thick ivory paper. Hand sewn. Includes satin ribbon marker.


Journal with embroidered cover, made in the artisan binding workshop of the Royal Abbay of Poblet. The monks have practiced bookbinding for centuries. This makes them true master craftsmen.

The cover of this notebook is lined with fabric. It has a hand-embroidered drawing, inspired by nature. This reminds us of the great gift that God has given us and leads us to contemplate his creation.

In recent years, the Poblet Monastery has undergone reforms in order to preserve nature and the environment. The processes involved in the elaboration of this embroidered notebook are carried out in an ecological way. In fact, the bookbinding workshop and the entire Monastery use 100% solar energy.

The making of notebooks has always been done in leather. This notebook is lined with fabric, which gives it a youthful touch. However, all the processes involved in the production process are totally traditional. These are slow processes but they result in high quality and durable notebooks.

These embroidered journals are an ideal gift for those who enjoy writing. On its pages they will be able to capture and save their thoughts and ideas for a long time.

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